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Common Client Mistakes Detrimental To A Favorable Outcome Of A Criminal Case

Interviewer: What do you say are some of the mistakes that people commonly make during the case? What are some things that they’re going to and want to watch out for?

Michael Golub: One mistake that people make is when they’re being arrested, they want to try to explain the situation and you know they think that they can explain things away and usually they end up, digging themselves in deeper and giving the police more evidence or making admissions, that they don’t understand. So, the most common mistake the people make is not exercising their right to remain silent.

Not Exercising The Right To Retain An Attorney Is A Common Mistake Committed By Clients

The next common mistake people make is by not exercising their right to a lawyer, and just running and pleading guilty to something. I have people calling and they’ll say “I pled guilty to this and you know I went in. I didn’t know I’m stealing” or “My public defender you know told me to do this” and then, you know, it’s – once they do that, it’s too late. It’s just like somebody put a gun to their head and made them do that, they’re pretty much stuck with it. So, you know, it’s – the biggest mistake there is, not going in and getting an attorney before they go into court. A lot of times, people will go into court and then, I’ll go well, let me see what I can do here myself, let me see what they get me, and they go in and they say things that they shouldn’t say and they do things they shouldn’t do and then, they come back and they try to fix it after they say it and they can’t really do that.

Dealing With The Emotional Aspects Of A Criminal Case In Tavares And Throughout Florida

Interviewer: What are some things that you do to help the emotional aspect of a case like that where you can talk to someone and say “Hey, let’s keep focused on this”?

Michael Golub: Well, we just try to figure out what their goals are and just let them know that it’s, going to be. In most cases, they’re going to get through it, I mean that’s what I’ll tell them. In most scenarios, I mean obviously, there’s serious crimes and a person may end up going to prison for several years and it’s kind of hard to comfort some of these people. So, those are the things that we have, you know, we’re going to get them through it, we’re going to try – you know most of the time, we’re going to keep them out of jail and we’re going to get them through the process and you know keep their record clean and you know. So, it’s just a matter of time they just got to understand that there’s a whole process to it and you know that they shouldn’t say and I can – and we’ll get them through the process.

Immediate Needs Of Clients When Meeting With An Attorney For Handling A Case

Interviewer: What would you say are some other immediate needs the clients have besides staying out of Jail?

Michael Golub: A lot of times I have situations; like in domestic violence cases, a person will be arrested, typically every domestic violence case, a person’s arrested and then, the alleged victim that, if it’s the one that comes and hires me to represent the person. And typically, when they’re released, there’s a condition of release that they’ll have no contact with the alleged victim. Or the problem is that these people are in family, they’re husband and wife, their kids and all of that. It’s a big hardship for people not to actually have contact with each other and they’ll have to go with somewhere else and so, a lot of times, what we have to do is going to upfront and trying to lift those conditions that people can communicate with each other. Sometimes, a lot of situations where people are in jail and they’ve got a really high bond or no bond, so sometimes one of the immediate concerns is filing something to try to get a bond set and get them out of jail. So, situations like that are kind of the more immediate things.