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Why Should I Use Mediation?

Individuals involved in a dispute may seek alternative dispute resolution solutions. Using mediation to resolve disputes can be effective for all parties. Getting both parties into a room with the sole goal of working through a dispute can be more efficient and cost-effective than going through traditional litigation.

At Michael E. Golub, P.A., we are skilled at mediating a broad range of disputes. We work to ensure mediation is conducted in a positive, collaborative environment, allowing you to find a beneficial resolution to the dispute you are facing. Attorney Michael E. Golub has helped people resolve family law disputes involving:

  • Divorce
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Alimony

In addition to these cases, Michael E. Golub has experience serving as a civil and appellate mediator.

Advantages Of Mediation

There are a number of benefits individuals gain by using mediation to resolve a dispute, including:

  • Saves time – People who use mediation are able to resolve matters much earlier than if they opted to go through the courts. By coming together to reach a joint agreement, people can avoid enduring a lengthy and expensive litigation process.
  • Preserves communication – When people are in the midst of a dispute, it is common for lines of communication to erode. Mediation brings both parties together, allowing them to communicate directly. This face-to-face communication is effective at helping people find common ground.
  • Avoids an adversarial environment – Mediation fosters a cooperative atmosphere. This allows individuals to maintain a good relationship with all parties involved in the dispute, making it easier to move beyond the conflict.

Important Things To Know About Mediation

It is never too early to begin thinking about using mediation. Our team encourages people to enter the mediation process before they go to court. The earlier that mediation is used, you can save money and avoid the headaches of litigation.

Mediation is an effective tool at resolving disputes. Approximately 80 percent of mediated cases are settled outside of court, and less than five percent go to trial. If the case cannot be resolved in mediation, there are still benefits to pursuing this option. Mediation opens dialogues and people are more aware of each other’s needs and interests.

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