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At the Law Office of Michael E. Golub P.A., I am committed to helping you ensure your and your family’s safety. I understand the severity of any domestic violence situation and will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the legal documents necessary for your ongoing protection. You can trust me as your Lake County domestic violence attorney to treat your case with the empathy and efficiency necessary to achieve positive results.

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Actions Considered Domestic Violence in Florida

Two primary elements need to be met for a situation to be considered domestic violence in Florida. One condition is that the parties would need to be in a domestic living situation.

Domestic living situations include:

  • Spouses
  • Family members
  • Roommates
  • Parties who share children
  • Romantic relationships

The second element for a domestic violence situation is the threat of or an instance of violence. The relationship of the people involved has no impact on the seriousness of the crime. For example, an alleged aggressor who is the roommate of the victim could receive the same legal consequences as a person who is married to the victim.

Grounds for a Domestic Violence Arrest

Sometimes an alleged victim does not call the police, but a relative or a neighbor calls on their behalf. When this occurs, the police who arrive on the scene would have to make a judgment call. Sometimes the judgment call is right whereas sometimes it is not right. Sometimes one person might be able to convince the police that they are the victim, whereas sometimes it could be the other person.

However, when the alleged victim of abuse calls for help, the situation is clearer to police. The alleged abuser may not have struck the victim yet, but if the victim fears for their safety or the abuser has a weapon in their hand, they could be arrested for domestic violence.

It is important to note that an arrest does not automatically mean the aggressor will be charged with this crime. For this reason, it is important that the victim reach out to a Lake County domestic violence attorney as soon as they can to gather relevant evidence and create a solid case strategy.

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The Law Office of Michael E. Golub P.A. is committed to effectively representing clients’ rights and best interests throughout their legal action. I provide every client I help with empathetic and strong guidance and will do everything I can to obtain positive results.

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  • “Mr. Golub showed great discernment in the situation and knew exactly what he needed to do for the well-being of his client.”

    - Lynda
  • “He was so aggressive and got our story of what had truly happened heard and they were ordered to return him immediately. I was extremely impressed at the way he fought for us.”

    - Former Client
  • “Mr.Golub took what was a seemingly impossible overwhelming situation and pushed the easy button. His prices were more than fair for the amount of headache I didn't have. Thank you Mike Golub.”

    - Carmen S.
  • “Michael and his team did a great job with my bankruptcy! They are very knowledgeable about the process and supported me through out it. He is even well known and respected by the court system.”

    - Jim
  • “We appreciate Mr. Golub so much. He helped us get our child right back when DCF wrongly took him. He went out of his way to meet with the Judge with us on Saturday Morning. We would recommend him to anyone and we greatly appreciate him and his staff.”

    - James

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