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More Than 20 Years Of Experience Effectively Utilizing Alternative Dispute Resolution Strategies

The law office of Michael E. Golub is much more than a litigation law firm. We understand the emotional and financial value of resolving disputes outside of the courtroom. Mr. Golub is an attorney as well as a certified Family Mediator and a Circuit Civil and County Court Mediator in Florida.

He also has special training and a certificate in Residential Foreclosure Mediation. With experience conducting hundreds of mediations for individuals and businesses, our firm provides the experience and resources you need to avoid time-consuming and expensive litigation.

Providing Education And Innovative Representation For All Types Of Mediation

Many people don’t understand the mediation process or the potential benefits. During the mediation process, a neutral third party facilitates the discussion between all involved parties and guides you to a mutually beneficial and satisfying resolution. The mediator is not responsible for decision making but assists parties in understanding and identifying legal issues and options.

Mediation can benefit individuals engaged in myriad disputes, from family issues to landlord-tenant conflicts. Businesses also find mediation useful in settling contract disputes and negotiations as well as employment and wage and hour problems.

There are several categories of mediation:

  • Family – Family-law cases can be extremely adversarial and emotional. Mediation is available for all types of issues including child custody and support, divorce and division of assets. Divorce mediation can greatly reduce the amount of time and costs associated with dissolution of marriage.
  • County court – Civil cases within the jurisdiction of county courts such as small claims cases are covered under county court mediation.
  • Circuit court – All circuit court civil cases excluding family-law matters can be handled through circuit court mediation. If a party is represented by counsel, the law requires counsel to be present during mediation unless otherwise stipulated.
  • Appellate court – Mediation can also occur during the appeals process for civil cases.

The mediation process is confidential and may be initiated before a lawsuit is filed. Each party has equal involvement in the decision-making process, and mediation agreements are binding and enforceable. The vast majority of mediations conclude with a settlement and do not require costly and lengthy litigation.

Discover How Mediation Can Save You Time And Money From An Experienced Central Florida Law Firm

Many legal issues can be resolved without either party ever setting foot inside a courtroom. At the law office of Michael E. Golub, solving complex cases using constructive solutions is one of our primary goals. Contact us online or call us in Tavares at 352-742-7777 to speak with one of our legal professionals. To better meet the needs of our clients, our lawyer offers free initial 30-minute consultations as well as evening and weekend appointments.