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How should I address a failing marriage and high debt?

If you and your spouse are struggling with serious financial problems and also planning to get divorced, you are not alone. Many couples in Florida find themselves facing these issues as money can be a common issue in many marital challenges. If your debt or lack of sufficient finances to support your life is severe enough, you might even be contemplating filing for bankruptcy but that may logically lead you to wonder if you should do that before or after you get divorced. 

Splitting student loans in a divorce

If you and your spouse in Florida have come to the realization that you should no longer remain married, you will have to work through the often challenging process of splitting up your assets. However, you may also have to figure out how to split your debts. While many people automatically assume that any debt in one person's name only would remain that spouse's responsibility, that may not always be the case.

What happens to my mortgage when I get divorced?

If you live in Florida and are heading into a marital divorce, you may well feel the emotional tug to work hard to keep your family home. This may be especially true if you have small children who still live at home as you may understandably be wanting to retain as much consistency for them as possible. While this is certainly a viable goal, you might do well to step back from the emotional side of things and look at the legal and financial sides of things.

QDRO may protect against penalties

Divorcing spouses in Florida know that they may well have to part with some of their assets as they work through the process of coming an agreement in their divorce settlement. For many couples today, a 401K account is one of the assets that may be shared between spouses as part of a divorce decree. However, it is important that people who make this agreement understand the need to use a qualified domestic relations order.

2019 divorces may be very different than 2018

Florida residents who have watched the negotiations around and eventual passage of a new tax bill may still be trying to figure out how it will impact them. For some, the changes might be positive. For others, the changes could be dramatically negative. Spouses who get divorced and may have to pay their former partners spousal support could well find themselves in this latter category.

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