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What are some reasons to mediate my Florida divorce?

When you research the topic of divorce in Florida, you often find where many people recommend mediation for resolving any lingering differences that separated spouses may have. If you read their reasoning behind making such a recommendation, you'll find that these individuals do so because they argue that it makes for a lot less stressful of a situation for you and your kids. There is some validity to these statements.

How an attorney can help with divorce mediation

If you and your spouse are planning to go to mediation to end your marriage, you might think you can handle matters without the help of an attorney. While it is true that you do not require legal representation in a mediation setting, an experienced family law attorney in Florida can still offer you important advice that might make or break your upcoming mediation.

Will divorce mediation work for you?

Divorce mediation allows couples who decide to separate in Florida to take control over their divorce and make informed decisions regarding their futures. The benefits of mediation are many and include less stress, lower costs, less time commitment and a higher compliance rate for settlements. For these reasons and countless others, divorcing couples often prefer mediation over litigation. That said, mediation is not for everyone. Lifehacker shares a few signs mediation may not be right for you.

How to help the divorce mediation process succeed

Many couples in Florida believe that their divorce cannot proceed unless they go to court, but we at the law office of Michael E. Golub disagree. Nearly every case has the potential for a resolution through mediation. However, mediation success depends in part on the attitude of you and your spouse toward the process. 

How does divorce mediation work?

If you and your spouse have been discussing ending your marriage, one of the things you might be fearful of is the process that can often be associated with a divorce. Most people have heard virtual horror stories about the emotional and financial cost of divorce and this may be enough to deter someone from getting divorced even if they know it is the right thing for their family.

The most effective divorces are calm and quiet

We often find that people start their divorce with an idea that it will be a dramatic and emotional process. It is half true — emotions do tend to run high for our clients. However, at the office of Michael E. Golub, P.A., we sometimes get some confusion as to when the action should start to happen — when they will have their day in the Florida courts.

Confidentiality in divorce mediation

Settling a divorce in Florida through mediation offers you several potential advantages over a traditional divorce proceeding in court. We at the law office of Michael E. Golub have found that mediation typically proceeds more quickly than a court case, is less expensive, fosters a cooperative atmosphere to avoid an adversarial environment and preserves communication on all sides.

How mediation might help you

The stereotypical divorce process that many in Florida think about generally involves thoughts of two very bitter people at odds with each other who are virtually unable to communicate other than via arguing. However, you may be in a marriage that is coming to an end yet you are able to communicate to some degree with your spouse. If so, you may be able to take advantage of mediation as a means of determining your divorce details.

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