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3 main causes of divorce

There are many reasons why people divorce. In many cases, it is a combination of factors that ultimately lead to the dissolution of a marriage

The best anyone can do is know their partner inside and out before agreeing to marry him or her. By being aware of the problems many other couples face, you and your partner can take steps to circumvent a divorce down the road. 

1. Lack of commitment

Marriage is the ultimate commitment. Both people agree to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Unfortunately, one spouse may not be as invested in the marriage as the other. This can lead to extramarital affairs because there is something one partner has not received from the other. One partner may have romantic feelings toward the other while the other views him or her as a good friend. This imbalance often leads to problems down the road, so it is vital for both parties to be on equal footing before entering marriage. 

2. Excessive arguing

All couples fight. It is natural to have arguments and to reach conclusions as a team. Both people need to learn how to compromise. However, when arguments happen constantly due to things that do not even matter in the long run, it is important to take a step back and reassess the relationship. In many cases, communication problems trigger arguments. It is vital to circumvent this arguing because it will only intensify if the marriage continues. 

3. Financial problems

Money is a common source of stress with couples. These issues will only exacerbate if one spouse prefers to save money while the other loves spending. This is why it is critical to understand someone's money habits before tying the knot. You both need to be upfront about your financial situations, including how much debt you both hold, so you both go into the marriage informed. 


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