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What types of alimony are available in Florida?

When you divorce your spouse in Florida, it can have a negative effect on your financial situation. For the purposes of promoting financial independence, the court may award you alimony, also known as spousal support. 

Because every situation is different, there are four different types of alimony available in this state. The Florida Senate describes each one, explaining how it works and in which situations it is appropriate. 

1. Bridge-the-gap alimony

You can only receive bridge-the-gap alimony for up to two years. It is intended to assist you with verifiable short-term financial difficulties related to your divorce. 

2. Durational alimony

Durational alimony provides you with economic assistance from your ex-spouse for a set period of time. The court determines how long durational alimony should last. The length of your marriage may help to determine your eligibility for durational alimony. For example, you may be more likely to receive durational alimony if your marriage lasted a short or moderate amount of time. 

3. Rehabilitative alimony

You may be willing to support yourself following your divorce but unable to do so unless you receive additional training, work experience or education. In this scenario, you may receive rehabilitative alimony until you are able to support yourself again. 

4. Permanent alimony

Despite the name, permanent alimony does not last forever. If you remarry, your permanent alimony arrangement comes to an end. It also terminates in the event of either your death or that of your ex-spouse. You may receive permanent alimony if the court determines that your individual circumstances render the three other types inappropriate for your situation. 

The information in this article is not intended as legal advice but provided for educational purposes only.



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