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Make a workable parenting plan

Your divorce in Florida means ending a relationship that is damaged beyond reclamation. Nevertheless, we at the law office of Michael E. Golub remind you that if you and your spouse have children together, you still need to cooperate with one another to co-parent your children even after divorce finalization. 

The first step in this co-parenting process is to work together with your spouse to develop a workable parenting plan. A good parenting plan that serves your children's best interests should establish the following.

1. Communication between parents

You and your ex-spouse will occasionally need to communicate with one another. Your parenting plan should set reasonable expectations in that regard. 

2. Decision-making responsibilities

Even when you and your spouse share physical custody of your children, one or the other may have the responsibility to make decisions regarding a child's activities, health care and educational needs. 

3. Time-sharing schedule

This delineates how much time each parent will spend with the children. It is common to organize a time-sharing schedule according to the percentage of time that children share with each parent. In other words, in a 50/50 schedule, your children will spend equal amounts of time with each parent, while in a 60/40 schedule, they will spend slightly more time with one parent than the other. 

4. Responsibility for daily tasks

As parents, there are tasks that you will have to perform for your children on a daily basis. Your parenting plan should designate certain tasks to each parent. 

Not only is developing a parenting plan with your ex-spouse a good idea, but the Florida courts require it of you and all other divorcing couples with children. More information about planning as it relates to child custody is available on our website. 

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