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What challenges do "silver splitters" face?

As an older Floridian resident, you may be referred to as a "silver splitter" if you choose to divorce. Grey divorce is actually becoming more common among older couples these days. However, there are certain hurdles you will likely face that your younger counterparts may not have to. Today, we will take a look at some of them.

First, there are matters of health insurance. Forbes states that losing your health insurance at this age can be a crucial blow. Not only does health generally begin to deteriorate as you grow older, but your problems also begin to get more expensive to deal with. This potentially makes being uninsured hugely expensive.

The division of benefits and assets can also be a huge hit to take. Younger couples have it a bit easier simply because they are often just entering the workforce. They have plenty of time to make up for lost money or benefits. You, on the other hand, have likely already left the workforce or are planning on leaving soon. You don't have anywhere near as much time to make back what you could lose during the division of a divorce.

Finally, there are the burdens on your adult children. They are currently making their way in the world and likely do not have the ability to help support you through the divorce. However, many silver splitters will lean on adult children for emotional or even financial support, putting them in a bind.

Due to these hurdles and more, you may benefit from speaking to an attorney who can help you decide the right option. They can guide you through the divorce and help you face the issues unique to older divorcng couples.

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