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Could your spouse hide their assets?

Floridian couples who are in the midst of a divorce will be dealing with a lot of heated financial matters. What makes these matters worse is if both parties aren't being completely honest with each other. Michael E. Golub, P.A., is here to describe some potential signs that your partner may be attempting to hide assets from you during the divorce proceedings.

Often, a partner who is hiding assets will display some signs or leave some sort of physical evidence behind, though the degree of obviousness varies from one situation to another. Emotional signs that assets may be being hidden include:

  • Sudden snappishness any time financial matters are brought up
  • A refusal to voluntarily offer information about their financial situation
  • Acting evasive when questioned about inconsistencies
  • Blaming their partner for finance-related issues

It varies by individual, but when someone is trying to hide something as big as financial assets, they will usually display some sort of nervousness, aggression, or agitation.

In addition, there may be physical evidence. Does the checkbook balance make sense? Are there missing checks? Does your partner suddenly "remember" debts to family or friends that they supposedly need to pay off? Have they recently made any expensive purchases? These could all be signs of hiding assets.

Do you think your spouse is trying to hide assets from you to benefit their own pocketbook? You can take a look at our web page here to read even more about potential warning signs. Consider also speaking to us for a better idea of how your unique situation may be handled.

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