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3 important steps in preparing for divorce

Even a relatively peaceful divorce can bring on stress. Many divorces also involve complicated negotiations and a high level of negative emotion.

Taking some vital steps to prepare for your Florida divorce can help the process go better. Every case has its unique aspects, so discussing your situation with an attorney can give you additional, personalized guidance.

1. Get your finances and other important matters in order

Practical and financial concerns usually take center stage in divorce negotiations. The parties must address property division, alimony and the handling of any debt. If they have children, they also need to figure out a parenting time schedule that works best for everyone. Sitting down prior to the divorce and making a list of important concerns can help you prioritize better.

In addition, it is important to go over all financial information and have ready documents such as bank statements and titles to property. If, throughout your marriage, you delegated the handling of family finances to your spouse, now is the time to familiarize yourself with the situation. Even if you believe your soon-to-be-ex to be trustworthy, do not rely on his or her representations. Unfortunately, the divorce process leads many people to discover surprising negative sides to the person they thought they knew well. When it comes to finances, a lack of knowledge can lead to serious disadvantages. If your perusal of financial records sends up red flags for potential deceit, let your lawyer know at once.

2. Take a break from social media

With today's ubiquity of social media use, it can feel natural to share your feelings about this major life change. It is important to know that lawyers today often sift through the opposing party's social media accounts in search of anything they can use against him or her. It can be hard to avoid posting material that can be portrayed negatively when taken out of context.

3. Consider your options

If you and your spouse have substantial disagreements or personality conflicts, you can still benefit from collaborative law solutions such as mediation. Even if you do not end up settling all your issues, going through mediation can help de-escalate the tension, find some common ground and improve communication.

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