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The most effective divorces are calm and quiet

We often find that people start their divorce with an idea that it will be a dramatic and emotional process. It is half true — emotions do tend to run high for our clients. However, at the office of Michael E. Golub, P.A., we sometimes get some confusion as to when the action should start to happen — when they will have their day in the Florida courts.

The fact is that divorces are often far less animated than fictional accounts might have you believe. Even the real-world news stories of high-profile divorces tend to condense days, if not weeks, of back-and-forth communications, courtroom proceedings, negotiation sessions and various time-consuming events. 

We believe that the ideal divorce is quiet, compassionate and measured. A thorough investigation and carefully drafted agreement often do much more to secure our clients' futures than does a heated argument. Trends across the country reflect this preference — few divorces ever make it to trial.

However, we prepare fully to present our clients' cases before a judge. The first reason is obvious: A prepared legal team has a higher chance of securing the best outcome possible for client at trial. The second reason is subtler. By consistently gathering quality evidence and crafting solid arguments, we become more persuasive and show the opposing party we are serious about representing our side. 

We use all of these tactics with the goal of a successful mediated divorce. We find that this process often helps clients come to terms with the agreements they make for their own futures and for the futures of their children. To learn more, please continue reading on our main website.

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