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Understanding custody arrangements

When Florida parents divorce, one of the things they need to discuss is their custody arrangement. People may have different parental rights depending on the custody arrangement they choose, so it is important to understand the differences between each type of custody.

Some parents may decide that a joint custody arrangement is best for their family. FindLaw says that in this situation, parents usually make decisions about their children together and the kids may also live with both parents. Sometimes people may share legal custody of their children. This means that both parents can make decisions about the types of medical treatments their kids receive and where their kids will go to school. Additionally, people can have a physical custody arrangement. Physical custody means that children can legally live with a parent. Sometimes someone might have sole custody of the children if the other parent is not fit to take care of the kids.

It is important for people to remember that they can find a custody arrangement that works best for their family. When parents live near each other, they may set up a custody arrangement that gives both parents legal and physical custody. If one parent lives in a different state, though, it may sometimes be better for the children if one parent has physical custody while both have legal custody. 

If one parent does not have physical custody, people may need to have a visitation arrangement as well. According to Very Well Family, these visits may sometimes be supervised if one parent is not fit to take care of the children. Most of the time, though, these visits can be unsupervised. In this situation, someone can usually take his or her children on outings. The kids may also spend time at this parent's house. 

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