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What is divorce mediation?

Divorce, as many come to discover, is often the opposite of simple. There are aspects such as alimony, child support and assets to consider during the process; these challenges only add to the emotional toll divorce can take for anyone involved. Floridians who prefer to avoid traditional separations in a court environment may turn to divorce mediation. However, understanding this process can become an obstacle on its own.

How, exactly, does this option differ from a traditional court process? LiveAbout explains that divorce mediation is one way ex-spouses find solutions to the various issues of marital separation, including spousal support and child support. The main difference resides in the fact that divorce mediation does not typically require a formal court visit. Instead, the parties of the divorce and attorneys involved will meet with a third party, who ideally helps settle any lingering disputes at hand. Most turn to this option to save money, as well as to maintain privacy. 

Many of those going through this tough life chapter often fear that there is no clear solution to a difficult separation. Findlaw points out that a divorce mediator generally does not allow one party to overpower another during the process. In fact, those who consider themselves the "weaker" spouse (generally in terms of financial outlook) generally have advantages in mediations. Another common concern involves the inability to work together during mediation, but Findlaw reiterates that mediators are specially trained to deal with potentially tough and emotional situations. Mediation may not be for everyone, but it is often the perfect fit for those who seek a solution without the hassle of a formal court process.  



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