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Individuals who may benefit from prenuptial agreements

Marriage can be a beautiful institution or may prove to not be right for certain couples. In the instance that a marriage does not work out, a prenuptial agreement may help to avoid certain marital disputes

If you are wondering whether a prenuptial agreement is right for you, it may be helpful to consider a few things. There are certain types of people who may benefit from a prenup.


Those who hold professional positions work hard to obtain and maintain their roles. A prenuptial agreement can help them to maintain the things they work so hard for. Particularly when it comes to assets, once couples marry, many assets become marital property. If there are certain properties that individuals desire to maintain as separate property, such as stocks or bonds, a prenuptial agreement is a solid way to cover them. Also, those who are on the rise and foresee great success in their future, such as students who are in law or medical school, may account for their future earnings in the prenup.


As stated, certain assets become marital property after the union. For parents, a prenuptial agreement provides a means of protecting those assets intended for their children. This may include college or trust funds in the child's name that do not count toward marital property. In fact, it may serve as a vehicle for establishing assets for the children.

People with particulars

In essence, a prenup is an agreement between two parties. Therefore, if certain parties have specific concerns, they may decide to address them by way of a prenuptial agreement. For example, some may protect themselves against instances of cheating by having a stipulation in the prenup that limits a party's portion of marital assets if they cheat. For those who choose to add such stipulations, it is important to make sure they align with Florida's laws concerning premarital agreements.

These are a few general categories for individuals who may benefit from a prenup. Truly, anyone seeking to establish expectations from the beginning may find such an agreement useful before their nuptials.

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